best way to earn from CPA in 2021

CPA marketing is one of the best

and the easiest ways to earn from CPA
online and work from home
in this video I will share with you
everything about
CPA marketing what is CPA how to start

you can learn more about how to earn online from click here

where to start
some tips and tricks and other
interesting stuff
stay tuned
did you know that by letting someone to
download an
application or entering his email only

or doing
any simple actions you can make money
like one two three or four or even more
dollars per one action imagine this
it’s awesome this is what CPA is

I’m so excited
to be with you in this new video where i
will share with you
almost everything about CPA marketing
or cost per action marketing please this

is very important later on
as we did in affiliate marketing on my
channel I showed you
live case studies like more than four

case studies on how to make money online
that you can copy and implement in CPA
I will do the same but to be
successful later in these case studies
you have to understand all the basics

the tricks
about CPA which i explained in earn from CPA
in like 10 to 15 minutes so it’s really
a small video

please watch it I promise you like every

time I will give you real
a value that may change your life so
let’s start together but please don’t

forget if you like to watch
more videos like this about digital
marketing online business and make money

almost every day so let’s start
what is CPA
CPA or cost per action
is simply a type of affiliate marketing
so in affiliate marketing, we promote a

a service for someone else and
when someone buys the products we will
earn a commission
so simple so what is a CPA and how it

simply in CPA, we are not going to sell

wow it looks great so how to make money
simply in CPA, we earn
per action, as an example, you can promote
a mobile application

and when someone only downloads the
only downloads it without buying
anything you will earn

register from here just click

the money you will earn per this action this
action is downloading an application
another example is someone entering his
email address
so whenever someone enters his email

in a box, you will earn money that simple
this other activity and so on
so CPA stands for cost
which is making money per action
by making someone doing an action that

now the main question is where I can
find CPA offers to promote
if you followed my affiliate marketing
and i advise you to do like if
you go here to my channel

to my playlists, you will find affiliate
for beginners and you’ll find affiliate
marketing case studies
if you have watched these videos you

know that we have affiliate marketing

like Clickbank as an example
like JC network like impact
we have a lot of affiliate networks now
what about

CPA networks in this video we are
talking about
CPA so where we can find CPA
offers simply CPA networks
let’s go and see an example here is one

of the best examples of the top
CPA networks worldwide it’s max
bounty now maxbounty is somehow
more advanced and not for beginners
simply because

they don’t accept anyone, later on, i will
show you in other videos how to sign up
to maxbounty and get approval and so on
but anyway for a beginner maybe you can
go dark to maxbounty you need to go

with other platforms one of the best

examples for beginners
is cpalead.com
okay so here on these platforms
you can find a lot of CPA offers

let’s see an example to make things
simple for you here I am in maxbounty
and you can go here to the browse
section and you can see

campaigns okay let’s go here to
search to find something to find
a campaign and you can see the CPA
the rate you can earn like 26 dollars per
lead 1.6 per lead and so on

so let’s say this one sweepstake a day
win 5000
give away one field let’s open to see
what’s this
so this is an offer where someone can
enter his email address

and you will earn 1.6 dollars per
great email input i think
now you have to look very well on the
offer before you go and start promoting
as an example

you can see the countries allowed here
is on the united states
this means that if you want to promote
the offer

you have to promote only in the us
you don’t have to be in us you the
marketer no
you have to promote the offer to people
in the u.s

so you can see here daily cap you can do
300 actions per day
so if we calculate this 300 by 1.6 you
can make like 480 dollars per day
with this offer, if you promote it for
300 actions

here you can see the allowed traffic

like you can promote contextual and
display ads search ads social networks
native ads mobile ads and so on

so this is a simple example about an
email lead or email
input CPA campaign where you can promote
and make 1.6 dollars per lead
let’s go to another example in cpalead
here I am

and let’s see this you can go down and
check the offers and you can notice
something here
called lockers only you can see I will
talk about this in a little bit this is
very important

and a great option for beginners so
please focus well and follow up with me
so as an example this is a mobile app if
someone downloads the app you will earn
0.75 dollars just downloading without

anything this is really great okay
so this is an example about a mobile app

norton secure vpn to download and you
earn like 0.75 and there’s another
earning per lead 1.6 dollars
you can go here and sign up and search
for offers

and see the payout rate you can see the
search for whatever you want and so on
now before i continue
i have a very important note to tell you

okay i mentioned this in my affiliate
marketing videos
but i want to mention again here because
i believe it’s very
important it’s related to your ethics
it’s related to your humanity

just be careful in cpa especially in cpa
we have a lot of misleading offers
we have a lot of bad offers
so it’s my advice for you if you like
if you want to be a human being
if you want to really be ethical when
you work

online just be sure that the offer you

are selecting
is ethical you can promote a lot of
games applications
all this is legit and good to promote
but you’ll find a lot of

misleading content when you search in
cpa so
my advice for you is to select a good
offer to promote
anyway anyway it’s up to you this is my

for you let’s continue our work we now
understood what a cpa
and understood the cpa networks you can
start with
to start promoting here it comes the
question how we can promote cpa offers

where to promote them i will give you
now three examples of how we can promote
cpa offers
one is for beginners may be like you

like anyone who just started in cpa and
want to test and see how it works
and the other methods is later on when

you are familiar with cpa you can start

running advanced campaigns so let’s
start with the beginner earn from CPA
method you see here as i told you before
lockers only this
offer here lockers only if you go to cpa
lead here and go to lockers

and click on file and link locker later
on i’ll explain everything
in detail but please now focus just get
the main idea

it’s very important to get the points
explained here
okay we still have only like five
minutes so please some patience
to learn what i’m going to tell you now
file and link locker

click on a create as an example and you
will see here
a list of file lockers let’s see an
example directly to understand the
i will select this one ebook locker

click on use template and here you can

upload an ebook image
and enter the details and so on just
focus now with me

and now the locked file url here you can
enter a link to download a pdf
let’s say now this is my temporary url
now just to show you this

save and preview let’s say test
one anything save
and preview finish
okay get links now you will get this

look at this awesome strategy just copy

this link you don’t need a website you
don’t need anything
just this link open it here in the

you will have this landing page where
can download this free ebook you’ll
you’ll upload an image here as an

when someone now clicks on download
this locker will open to unlock this
you have to complete one of these

that simple so when you complete one of
these actions

you will get the ebook i mean the target
person he will get the ebook

and you will earn money you get the idea
so you are locking
a free download with a content locker
so anyone downloading the ebook you will

earn money with this content locker it’s
awesome strategy by the way for
beginners so again let’s go here
you can see you don’t need any website
just promoting this link
now you may tell me i don’t have an

ebook or something to download

i will give you now a very interesting
go here to google and search for free
plr ebooks free

plr ebooks you can see now free plr
downloads let’s open this one of course
if you have an ebook for you it will be
awesome but just i’m telling you this a
small trick for beginners
you will see now a lot of free ebooks

you can download totally for free
plr means that you can reuse you have
the right to use them
you have the right to sell you have a

light to edit you have the right to do
no copyright here as an example this
ebook build your email list let’s
see it you see here we have videos

software we have a lot of
plr products you can download and give
to people for free
so you get an ebook from here from this
website or any plr website you can see

go it’s like 1.49 megabytes
download you download the ebook it’s a
zip file
you upload on google drive or whatever
and then you lock it with this locker
and tell someone or may be promote it on

social media on your website whatever

you want
and when someone downloads the ebook you
will make money with this
content locker i think for beginners
it’s one of the best strategies to start

i will sum it again just to get the idea
so we are going to do
is to download an ebook a free ebook or
if you have one it will be great

ebook software anything free okay you

get this free stuff
and you lock it here in cpalead with
a content locker that’s simple and you
start promoting on social media on
website on email wherever you want you

can share it it’s free
it’s free you can give it to anyone send
by email it’s a free
product you want to give to someone now
when that

someone downloads the ebook by
unlocking the content locker here by
unlocking this

offer here you will get paid
that’s an awesome strategy for beginners
i hope you get the point
because if you have any questions any
clarifications you can go down the

comment section
and write any question you want about

the topic or simply can go

to h-educate/forums
and you can submit any question you have
you can get free support here
on H-EDUCATE forums and i will be
with you
almost every day to answer your

questions in this forum here this
is H-educate
forums just submit your questions and
will be more than happy to support you
for free so this is about the first
beginner’s method which is content

now when you move to the next method

which is the advanced method
we talk about two main important
strategies native advertising and
push ads advertising if you go now to my
youtube channel

if you remember if you watch my video
about the affiliate marketing case study
25 per day i showed you a live case
study how to promote affiliate product

with native ads it is the same concept
but for cpa
offers so if you are interested to learn
more about native ads go and watch this
and also i promise you to publish

cpa dedicated live case studies about

promoting cpa offers with native ads
with push ads and much
much more later on but please now focus
just to continue our two minutes and
finish our video

so the first method is promoting with
native paid
ads okay native ads networks like
mgid outbrain and so on
the other the other traffic source is
ads you can go to companies like or
servers like zero park

and launch a push ads campaign what is

push ad
i think on your mobile you got sometimes
push notifications with notifications on
your mobile
you can do this campaign with these
services and send push notifications
for like 0.003 per click

it’s really a very cheap traffic source
to promote cpa offers
and this is one of the best strategies i
will share with you everything in detail
later on

on my channel so please don’t forget to

subscribe and tell notifications to get
every new
update okay we have zero park we have
propeller ads we have a lot of push ads


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